Augusta Westland probe leads to arrest of hi profile accountant

Indian investigation agencies are probing the scam of Augusta Westland. Their investigation reveals that Shivani Saxena a woman director of accounting network UHY in Dubai is a part of the money laundering transactions associated with the Augusta Westland scam. Shivani and her husband Rajiv are resident of Jumeirah in Dubai.

During the investigations Enforcement Directorate observed that Agusta Westland International Ltd UK paid 58 million Euros as kickbacks.

The money was routed through Gordian Services Sarl, Tunisia and IDS Sarl, Tunisia. These companies further transferred these proceeds of Crime in the name of consultancy contracts to Interstellar Technologies Ltd in Mauritius.  Interstellar technologies further transferred these proceeds to M/s UHY Saxena and M/s Matrix Holdings Ltd. Dubai, which is owned by Shivani Saxena. Enforcement Directorate is hoping to get break through after the arrest of UHY partner Shivani Saxena.