Foundation course on Forensic Auditing

    This course is designed to equip the students to take up Certified Forensic Accounting Professional (CFAP) program.

    This foundation level course is authored by Mayur Joshi, CFAP,CA,CAME. Mayur is a veteran in forensic accounting domain with more than 16 years of experience of high profile accounting fraud investigations.

    This program is divided into eight sessions. Every session contains

    • Videos explaining concepts in accounting frauds
    • Self study resources
    • Questions to prepare for certification

    After successful completion of these eight sessions, students can

    • Gain understanding of forensic accounting
    • Understand classification of financial statement frauds
    • Successfully write CFAP Exams

    Reference Book

    Reference books are not part of the cost of this program.However, these books are highly recommended for the better understanding of the subject.

    Students Handbook on Forensic Accounting