Modular Tests for Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Program

In order to enable the members aspiring to take up the CAME examination, GICCP provide certain tools which are freely available. One such utility is the modular preparation tests. Here are some of the most popular modular preparation tests on the subject of Anti Money Laundering and terrorist financing.

Know Your Customers

Know your customer program is one of the important frontier in the fight against money laundering. Requisite documents and verification of such documents is an essential part of the counter measures to fight money laundering. KYC is an integral part of the Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Program and the mock tests related to the KYC programs can be accessed here.

Digital Laundering

Bitcoin is the new value transfer mechanism which attracted significant investments due to its increasing prices. Money Laundering using digital currencies is one of the chapters of the syllabus of Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert program. The mock test on Digital Money Laundering can be accessed here

Trade Based Money Laundering

Inflating the value of the invoices and sending the foreign currency outside the country is one of the techniques of money laundering. CAME syllabus assign substantial weightage to the trade based money laundering and questions associated with the same. The mock tests related to trade based money laundering can be accessed here.

Diamond Laundering

Diamond is the essential commodity in the international trade which is being misused for the purpose of trade based money laundering across the world. Refer the mock test on the Diamond Laundering here

Terrorist Financing

Funding the terrorist activities has sever impact on the society. Many times it was observed that the terrorist financing is an offshoot of the laundered money. Preventing the money supply to the terrorist activities is one of the responsibilities of the bankers.

Politically Exposed Persons

Corruption money finds innovative techniques to return into the banking system. CAME syllabus weighs the subject of PEP as one of the most crucial topic and the mock tests on Politically exposed persons can be accessed here.