Globally Influential CAME Professional

It is estimated that more than one in four of the working-age population has obtained a professional certification, license or educational certificate apart from a degree awarded by a college or university. For managers and professionals in the fast-changing techno savvy financial world, certifications may be the only way to keep skills current and relevant. Certification in hot demand right now is the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert [CAME]. Certifications and accreditation are delivering positive results for both Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts and their employers globally.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert is one of the Gold Standard certifications in the world and here are the top 5 Certified Anti Money Laundering Experts on linkedin who created success stories for the Certified Professionals.CAME professional

  • Anjali K (India) – Anjali completed her certification in money laundering offered by Indiaforensic the year 2010 and is now the Director of Morgan Stanley.
  • Ramanathan Sivabalan (India)- Ramanathan completed his certification in 2012 and is currently the Director and Head of Legal compliance at Societe Generale.
  • Philip Joseph (Baharain) – Philip completed his certification in the year 2013 and is the MLRO & Head of Compliance at UAE Exchange Center Company WLL
  • Rajagopal V (Qatar) -Rajagopal who completed the certification in the year 2013 is now working as Chief compliance officer at Alzaman exchange WLL
  • Tarek Kamal (Qatar) – Tarek Wafic Kamal who completed the certification in the year 2009 is the Chief Internal Auditor of International Bank of Qatar.
  • Pinaq Dudhwala (India) – Pinaq completed his Certification in the year 2012 is now working as National Manager ICICI Bank Limited.

Two members each from the above list of influential professionals are from Qatar. For the information on the certification in money laundering please contactus at or call us on +91-9766594401